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Anjii Ross – Natural 45 inch boobs Meet Anjii HD 720p

Anjii Ross – Natural 45 inch boobs Meet Anjii HD 720p
Anjii Ross is a real tower of boobalicious power. Just seeing this newcomer walk to the doors of the studio in the morning was an event. She was fully dressed at the time. It was a very impressive sight. This is someone who attracts a lot of attention and since she lives in Florida, she gets to avoid those annoying overcoats and sweaters seven months of the year. Anjii gets to spend her free time at the beach and play beach volleyball which must be a heavenly sight. Consider the anticipation of her bikini possibly falling off or her boobs popping out of her top during a jump serve. Anjii will be falling out of her bra and stripping off her panties in her first photo shoot and video. What you have here are tits of Olympian proportions. Gold medal winners. “I love all the attention I get because of my chest,” Anjii says. She is busty and proud of it. “I always wear low-cut shirts and anything revealing. I do almost always wear a bra. It’s just hard to find good-fitting bras off racks in a store. I was always the bustiest girl in my school too.” Get to know every inch of Anjii from top to bottom. There will be a quiz later.


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