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Desiree DeLuca – The Big-Titted DDD-cup Girl In Gold Boots

Desiree DeLuca – The Big-Titted DDD-cup Girl In Gold Boots HD
We don’t see a lot of big-chested redheads. Cherry Brady. Jolie Rain. Destiny Rose. And then there’s Desiree. The New Yorker measures 42-28-36 and wears a DDD-cup bra. But she didn’t hit those numbers when she first posed in the late ’90s.
“I was in a little, thong bikini and a very tiny top, “Desiree recalled. “Everything was kind of hanging out all over the place. He told me that he liked my boobs and I said thank you and I grabbed and squeezed my boobs. My girlfriends were all like, ‘Are you going to do this?’ and I knew I was going to do it. I was ready to try nude modeling.
This horny fellow still lives with his parents. Blame these difficult economic times. They’re not home so he sees this as an opportunity to have a private party with a hooker. Living at home does save money even if it does put a damper on dating. When the folks are out the son will have some dirty fun. He checks out an outcall escort service and picks redhaired hottie Desiree as his play-for-pay bride for the night.

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Desiree DeLuca – Room Sex-Servicing HD 720p

Desiree DeLuca – Room Sex-Servicing 720p HD 720p

Desiree is a hotel front desk clerk’s dream guest, especially if he is the kind of guy who loves big jugs. The pretty redhead is a new guest, just checked in and she has a craving for chocolate. She also has a craving for a stiff cocktail. A really stiff one. Vanilla or chocolate. Desiree phones room service and has them whip something up to satisfy her. Little does she know that she will be satisfied in every way. The bell hop shows up with her dessert. Desiree wants him to stay. She’s bored and needs a man. She pats the bed and invites him to sit next to her. Too horny to let him leave, she asks him to feed her some chocolate-dipped strawberries. The strawberries are not enough for Desiree. She wants a big, thick chocolate bar with a creamy filling and his junk is the right kind. Her pale vanilla pussy is sending Desiree’s brain “fill-me” signals. Since this hard worker is happy to take care of his guests if they have a hot cunt and a beautiful body, he goes beyond the call of the job. He prides himself on extreme customer service at this hotel. Desiree will sleep well tonight. Now about that tip…

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Desiree DeLuca – Fuck Me In The Ass

Desiree DeLuca – Fuck Me In The Ass

Desiree should get most of the credit for her anal awakening. But what was funny was that the night before, the studio staff sent me home with these anal toys and they were tiny. They were tiny butt plugs. And then I come in the next day and Juan, the stud who I had my first anal scene with, was huge! I found it kind of funny that the toys were like a quarter of his dick size. But it wasn’t too bad. I liked it.” And from that moment on, Desiree, a frequent guest, has had her anal zone invaded by several incoming meat missiles including in an interracial session. This time, overflowing bra-buster Desiree (decked out in a black stringy thing and black stockings) is ass-pleasured by Tony who does not neglect her pretty pink taco on the way to bootytown.

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