Jennica Lynn – OMG Fuck And Blow My Friends Husband 1080p

Jennica Lynn – OMG Fuck And Blow My Friends Husband 1080p

I was to see my friend but she was busy and told me to wait for an hour, her husband was gonna wait aswell. I convience him that it won’t hurt to be a little naughty while she is away.. We can do a lot of things in an hour… showing him my cleavage make him take the step to fuck me hard against the counter.. and then I give him the promised Blowjob (POV STYLE)! Suck that dick, take it deep down my thoat, suck and lick those juicy balls til he give me his full load, I try to swallow it but its to much and I get cum everywhere. We better clean up before his WIFE gets back!!

The video starts off with some basic roleplaying of Jennica waiting for her friend and seducing her friends husband, who appears to be the same guy from her other Boy/Girl vids. After that they ninja kick the shit outta forplay and go straight to penetration with a side profile of a standing doggie style with Jennica bent over leaning on a counter, her giant tits on full display. For any German Shepard aficionados, they seem to have one pacing around quite a bit, “pretty sure he didnt sign a waiver to be in it but I digress”. After Jennica appears to have an orgasm, the scene switches to the outside where Jennica give a pretty damn good blow job until the guy dumps his two ball compound in her mouth.

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